Insane SEO & Backlinks come with River North Business Association Membership

More and more River North businesses and restaurants are discovering critical SEO benefits and backlinks by simply leveraging their membership with the Greater River North Business Association. Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, are critical to your business’s Google rankings. While everyone knows of the significance of SEO, very few of Chicago’s River North businesses have the time or resources to take on this forward-thinking strategy.

Fortunately, as a member of the Greater River North Business Association, these businesses are earning backlinks and discovering best-practice SEO just by becoming a member. That’s right! Just by joining, these restaurants and businesses instantly earn high-octane backlinks!  But it gets better! The value of a quality backlink far exceeds the cost of membership.

Simply put, your business will boost your SEO, improve your rankings and attract and engage more customers than you would through an expensive outdoor advertising budget. But you won’t just attract more customers,  you’ll engage the “right” customers.”  In this article, you’ll learn how small businesses and large businesses are earning insane SEO and Backlinks as members of  Chicago’s River North Business Association!

Greater River North Business Association Delivers Quality Backlinks to Your Business

Quality backlinks to your business or organization’s website are a strong ranking factor for Google.  For backlinks to be considered ‘quality,  These links need to be from websites that are relevant and rank for your market or geography, or subject matter.  The Greater River North Business Association is recognized as a high-quality backlink, which SEOs refer to as a high-octane website backlink.

But through the power of networking, members also backlink to each other! You are uniquely positioned to earn backlinks from your community!   When you factor in that many of these GRNBA members have strong Domain Authority, your ROI grows exponentially.

And as s a member of the River Chamber of Commerce, a link to your website is included in their directory. Imagine the additional exposure you’ll get from new residents and visitors! These member links back to your business are not only valuable for SEO, but they also help make it easier for people to find you when doing specific geo-searches, such as “restaurant near me” or “shops in River North”.

What is a Backlink and Why it’s Significant to River North

What is SEO and Why River North’s Top Ranking Businesses Love it!

What is Your NAP | SEO on a Shoestring Budget?

Your NAP or Name Address Phone needs to be consistent for SEO reasons. You should include your NAP on your website, in your schema markup, and on your social media profiles.

Search engines like Google, Bing Places, or Yahoo! look for consistent NAP. Consistent NAP tells search engines that your business is real and that your contact information is accurate. Mismatched NAP is likely to result in a poor user experience, which is why search engines will show your content lower in search results to prioritize businesses with consistent NAP.

NAP Management services via GRNBA  at a reduced fee to members